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Embrace every curve

With their unified design and satin finish, Galaxy S24 and S24+ feel as smooth as they look.

Epic, just
like that


Circle it, find it

Search like never before with Circle to Search. Simply circle an object to get Google Search results


language barriers

Speak foreign languages on the spot using Live Translate with Galaxy AI. Unlock the power of convenient communication with near-real-time voice translations right through your Samsung Phone app


Put your best text

Get real-time tone suggestions to make your writing sound more professional or conversational.


Get lost in conversation,
not in translation

Wish you always had an interpreter on hand? Now you do with Galaxy AI. Simply hold up your phone during face-to-face conversations and receive real-time translations.

Epic for business, just like that

Elevate your work with the most epic Galaxy yet, featuring the game-changing power of Galaxy AI. From researching on the spot to capturing every detail of your projects day or night, unleash new ways to stay productive, collaborate and more.


Game on with a larger Vapor Chamber

Our latest Vapor Chamber is bigger than before, with an improved heat dissipation system to keep you gaming at peak performance.

Vapor Chamber

over 1.5x bigger

A smarter all-day

Power on. Galaxy S24 and S24+ have an intelligent battery that gives you more game time, watch time and you time.


Capture the detail with
ProVisual engine

Bring your night into the light

Capture the nighttime portraits you’ve been dreaming of with Nightography. Zoom in up to 3x and retain detail and vibrancy, even in low light.

Mega megapixels

Snap high-res pics that will look great for years to come, captured with a 50MP multi-camera system where each lens is a powerhouse.

Don’t miss the moment with enhanced zoom

Capture stunning shots with vivid detail as though you have the best seats in the house.

Get closer with every tap

Go from 1x to 2x or even 3x. AI keeps pictures crisp, clear and super sharp.

Resize it, retouch it. Just like that

Unlock the magic of AI-powered photo editing. Generative Edit fills in backgrounds and makes unwanted objects disappear.

Bend time with Instant Slow-Mo

Using Instant Slow-Mo with Galaxy AI, just tap and hold to relive any moment in epic slow motion.

Quick Share

Share with iOS users or far-away friends and family.

Secured by
Samsung Knox

Rest easy with our unparalleled mobile protection, fortified by the impenetrable Knox Vault, as well as Knox Matrix, Samsung’s vision for multi-device security.

Changes start from small steps

We’re moving toward a sustainable future, step by step. We believe in building a sustainable journey through small changes that could make a big difference.

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